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The Importance of Restful Sleep in Elderly Health Care

May 15, 2015 by Amanda Green

A change in sleep habits, making it difficult to fall asleep and troublesome to stay asleep, is a common problem seen in elderly health care. Read Article

Thyroid Awareness from a Home Healthcare Agency

May 1, 2015 by Lezlie Snoozy-Kaitfors

The thyroid gland, located in the front of the neck, is an important part of the endocrine system and is responsible for producing hormones that control body functions including, but not limited to metabolism and body temperature. Read Article

Preventing Diabetic Complications with Home Health Care

Apr 17, 2015 by Lezlie Snoozy-Kaitfors

While diabetes can be managed and monitored by good home health care, seniors living with diabetes are at an increased risk of developing complications. Read Article

In Home Health Care Services: Using a Cane Safely and Effectively

Apr 10, 2015 by Lezlie Snoozy-Kaitfors

Providers of in home health care services encourage the proper use of a cane to promote mobility and safety. Read Article

Home Health Aide Tips: Combatting Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Changing Weather

Mar 27, 2015 by Lezlie Snoozy-Kaitfors

Home health aide specialists offer seniors suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis recommendations for spring. Read Article

Home Caregivers Offer Elder Abuse Prevention Tips

Mar 13, 2015 by Lezlie Snoozy-Kaitfors

Home caregivers note that there are many things that can be done to protect seniors from elder abuse. Read Article

Senior Home Care Advice: Coping with Chronic Pain

Mar 6, 2015 by Lezlie Snoozy-Kaitfors

Senior home care experts recommend considering several things in learning how to better manage and cope with chronic pain. Read Article

Home Health Care Service Recommendations for Combatting the Winter Blues

Feb 27, 2015 by Lezlie Snoozy-Kaitfors

Home health care service providers offer recommendations to prevent the winter blues before they start, or take them away if one is already feeling them. Read Article

Alzheimer's Care: Communicating with Affected Loved Ones

Feb 13, 2015 by Lezlie Snoozy-Kaitfors

Alzheimer's care experts indicate that communicating with someone with Alzheimer's requires a lot of patience and understanding, and excellent listening skills. Read Article

At Home Health & Wellness: Creative Expression

Feb 9, 2015 by Lezlie Snoozy-Kaitfors

At home health providers recommend addressing some of the emotional and psychological aspects of recovery through art therapy and the creative arts. Read Article

In Home Caregiver Advice on Senior Vision Loss

Jan 28, 2015 by Lezlie Snoozy-Kaitfors

With the help of family, friends or an in home caregiver, visually impaired seniors can stay active and engaged, helping them avoid depression and anxiety. Read Article

Elderly Health Care Tips: Hip Replacement Recovery

Jan 7, 2015 by Amanda Green

In order to ensure a successful recovery after hip replacement, elderly health care experts recommend important pre-surgical and post-surgical strategies. Read Article

Tips for Senior Caregivers: Preventing Cold Weather Falls

Dec 31, 2014 by Lezlie Snoozy-Kaitfors

Senior caregivers should take precautions on behalf of the seniors in their care to minimize their risk of falling on dangerous winter surfaces. Read Article

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